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Windsor to Toronto – Day 2

2 August 2014

img_3802The team was back to an early start today, beginning where we left off yesterday at the town hall in Thamesville. As the sun rose, runners marched down the wide-shouldered Highway 2 and were full of so much energy that they would run in pairs. With great weather, a good stretch of road, and keen runners, the kilometres began to fly by. Fairly soon we were in London and following along the Thames River in some spots.

Upon reaching London, runners were greeted at City Hall by Councillor Matt Brown and the Acting Mayor of London who welcomed the runners, praised them for their hard work, and even donated to the cause. Members of the local Sikh sangat also turned out to meet the runners and we’re grateful to them for inviting the politicians to meet us. The run then continued out of London and finished in Thamesford, a town en route to Woodstock.

In the evening, the team headed to London Sikh Society Gurdwara where they were treated to tea and langar. The children and youth also got a chance to tell the sangat there about the Foundation and all the things that we do, as well as the children that we sponsor. Upon hearing this, sangat donated very generously to the cause and were happy with the work that we’ve done thus far. We would thank London Sikh Society for their support, hospitality and for providing us with accommodation.

The team looks forward to tomorrow, when we make our way for the Region of Waterloo and edge ever closer to the Greater Toronto Area.