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Windsor to Toronto – Day 4

5 August 2014

img_4139Runners began the day with another 6 a.m. start just west of Dundas. As the sun rose above the surrounding trees and the fog began to lift, the run continued through Dundas and down into the heart of Hamilton. It then passed by Guru Ravi Dass Gurdwara Sahib in Burlington where we stopped to take a break and meet up with the second team. The two different teams from yesterday became one today and hammered through communities in Burlington and Oakville before entering Mississauga.

After a lunch break in Richard’s Memorial Park, the team finally crossed Etobicoke Creek and entered Toronto! Though many parts of the city were hit by downpours, we managed to escape with nothing but a mere drizzle.┬áComing along Lake Shore Blvd. and through Downtown, the team passed the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, the C.N.E Grounds, and the C.N. Tower. At 6 p.m., runners marched together up University Avenue and celebrated the finale of the run at Queen’s Park. In front of the legislative buildings, organizers congratulated the participants and participants themselves shared their feelings about the run.

Overall, it was truly an experience to remember for all the participants, and one that inspired many of those who came out to cheer on the children and youth. At the same time, we think about all of our less fortunate brothers and sisters around the world and find comfort in the fact that our efforts will help them. To date, we have collected over $5000 and hope that this number will continue to grow in the coming days. Congratulations to all of those who were part of this challenge!